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Welcome to your Google Ads - Quiz

1. An advertiser is focused primarily on direct response, as opposed to branding. The advertiser should delete keywords from a search campaign if the keywords:
2. What is a benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords?
3. What's one benefit of creating multiple ad groups?
4. An advertiser wants to increase the Quality Score of a low-perofrming keyword. Which approach would you recommend?
5. An advertiser wants to achieve the top position in paid search results. Which recommendations would improve the likelihood of top ad position?
6. To determine which ad language to target to a user, the AdWords system refers to that users:
7. How do managed placements on the Display Network work?
8. According to ad policies, what types of words, phrases, or characters can not be included in an AdWords text ad?
9. Which formula does Google use to rank keyword-targeted ads on Google Search
10. Adding placements to an ad group
11. If an advertiser improves the Quality Score of a keyword, this keyword may:
12. When sitelinks are set at both the campaign and ad group level, which will be displayed?
13. A primary benefit of location targeting is that advertisers can:
14. Which is a factor that Google uses to target ads to users based on physical location?
15. Which is a best practice for creating effective ad text?
16. Which best describes keyword contextual targeting?
17. Quality Score on Google search is evaluated
18. Which can be controlled at the ad-group level of an AdWords account?
19. Which is a benefit of AdWords for search marketing?
20. The maximum length of titles displayed in Google's search result is typically:
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